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System Tasks

In the System Tasks tab, we set the type and time of various tasks, e.g. triggering the send/receive function at a certain interval, triggering time rules, validation of qualified digital certificates, etc.

Adding and editing system tasks

First, select the name of the connection (All) in the left pane (Connection name), this will open the options for setting the interval or timing in the right pane:

Figure 1: Setting system tasks

By clicking on the Add button, we can add an interval or a timeline:

Figure 2: Adding system tasks


  • Busy period start: time defined as the start of a busier interval
  • Idle period start:: time defined as the start of a less intensive interval

By defining these two values, we define the time considered as intensive work and the time outside, usually taken as the company’s working time +/- one hour.

For example, we set the Send Receive function to run every hour during the interval 8:00 – 16:00, and every 3 hours outside this period, etc.

Figure 3: Setting the interval
  • Busy interval: frequency of the interval in hours
  • Idle interval: frequency of the interval outside busy hours
  • Send/Receive: triggering of the send/receive function
  • Certificate validity check: triggering certificate validity check


The so-called timer defines a task to be performed at a certain time. This task is executed once a day unless a new entry is made with a different time.

Figure 4: Example of a timeline for a time rule
  • Send/Receive: triggering the send/receive function
  • Certificate validity check: triggering the certificate validity check
  • Time rules: triggering of time rules, select the rule from the drop-down list

Manual triggering

The task can be run manually at any time by selecting the interval and clicking on the “Run task” button in the bottom right corner

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