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Installing PostgreSQL

EBA is developed on a free and open source PostgreSQL database and is also recommended for use as it does not require to buy licenses.

It is fast and easy to use, supports various platforms (Linux, Mac OS X, Windows), no additional cost for eg. Linux operating system, supports Full Text Search and is EBA’s primary database.

The PostgreSQL database is freely available at http://www.postgresql.org

Download appropriate installer from the PostgreSQL website.

The EBA DMS currently works with version 10.9

Instructions are made for the Windows environment.
If you need help with other operating systems, consult the documentation of the program author on their website.

Following instructions are for PostgreSQL version 9.6.

  1. Run the installer.
  2. Choose path to installation directory. Default path is usually C:\Program Files\PostgresSQL.
Picture 1: Defining installation directory

3. Next step is to define, where data files will be stored. Basically this is where you define where your database will be stored.

Picture 2: Setting data directory

4. Define password for the database superuser. Write down the password, without it it would be very difficult to administer database.

Picture 3: Defining password for superuser

5. Define port for PostgreSQL, default value is 5433.

Picture 4: Definition of port number for PostgresSQL

6. Set the locale for database cluster.

Picture 5: Setting up locale

7. Finish the installation in following steps. At the end program asks if we need to install Stack builder. This tool is not needed for EBA DMS usage, so we can skip it.

Postgres Stackbuilder
Picture 6: Finishing the installation

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