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System upgrades

Always install the official version published on our website. When upgrading to new versions, follow the instructions of the EBA licensed implementer who maintains your EBA DMS. Always upgrade the test environment first, then upgrade the production system when you are sure that everything is working as it should.

Failure to follow the instructions will not ensure the correct functioning of the software.

As developers of the software, we are constantly working to fix bugs and add new functionality to the software in line with existing legislation and market needs, so upgrades are a vital part of ensuring the system works fully and correctly.

It is important that you, as system administrator, ensure that all users have the same version of the EBA DMS client installed, otherwise serious problems may arise in the implementation of the workflow.

Overview of installed versions

In the Administration>Update Management menu, the Overview of installed versions tab gives you an overview of the installed versions of all users, the date of installation, the name and IP of the computer and the username.

figure 1: Overview of installed versions by user

You have both manual and automated upgrade options.


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