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Application Services Upgrade

Application services are updated only manually and on the server where they are installed.

The first step before the update is to stop all services and close all auxiliary programs – EBA Control Center and EBA Status monitor.

There are several ways to stop the services, the two most common are:

  • Using the Services.msc tool in a Windows environment
  • With the EBA Status Monitor

Once this is done, run the InstallEBAApplicationServices.4.1.1.XXXX_XXXX-XXXX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX_R_4-1_generic.exe installation file

After the UAC warning has been acknowledged, the wizard will offer you a choice of language during the installation. English, Slovenian and Croatian are available.

The first step is the welcome window, select the next button.

Figure 1: Welcome window of the installed program

In the second step, the installer offers us installation options – for a full upgrade, select all options.

Figure 2: Selecting the components to install

The next step is crucial – here we need to select which services we want to upgrade from the drop-down list. From the list, select the appropriate service name.

Figure 3: Select the name of the services you want to update

In the next two steps the program will ask you for the path to where it will write the files – the values are read by the program from the registry – in both steps we just click on the Next button.

We also continue when the program asks us which folder in the Start menu we want to write the program to. Again, we do not change the values when upgrading.

To start the installation, click on the Install button.

In case we get the error below, we need to make sure that the services are stopped and that all programs – EBA Control Center and EBA Status Monitor – are closed.

Figure 4: Installation error if services are not stopped

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