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Networks and 2FA

You can whitelist various networks to allow access via Mobile service.

You can mark certain network as internal or external, you can also set to require two-factor authentication (2FA) to login.

On Networks tab, click on Connection name “All”. The panel on the right is list of allowed networks. If you leave this panel empty, no restrictions are applied and anyone with Mobile server address URL or IP can reach EBA DMS login page.

However there is an option to limit that. Click on Add below the right panel to whitelist a network.

Enter Description for network, in Network filed enter corresponding IP range in format x.x.x.x/24. allows all IP addresses.
Set type for the network: Internal or External. Be aware – if you set External Type, you must set permission of a workplace in EBA DMS administration to allow user on certain workplace to reach documents via external network.

Picture 1: Whitelisting a network.

Require 2FA: if enabled – after login into EBA Web Client user will be asked to provide additional code to login. The code will be automatically sent to users e-mail address (must be entered in user settings). After entering the code user will be logged into system.

After entering networks settings you must enable the entry by clicking on it and then click on Enable button below.
Enabled entries are marked with green light and disallowed with red.

Picture 2: List of allowed networks and if 2FA is required.

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