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SSL Connection

We can set EBA DMS Mobile Service to communicate via secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol.

There are two ways to install SSL Certificate and establish SSL connection in EBA Mobile Service:

Via EBA DMS Client and EBA Control Center

  1. Import SSL certificate to certificate store in EBA DMS. Before import you need to add CA and CRL urls into Administritation>Signing>CA section.
  2. Open EBA Control Center and head to Mobile service tab.
  3. Set certificate from list by clicking on <…>. Enter password when asked.
  4. Set port for HTTPS connection and check “Enable SSL” option
  5. Restart Mobile service


  1. Run CMD
  2. CD to ebamobileservice.exe – default path is C:\Program Files\EBAAutomation_servicename\bin\
  3. Run ebamobileservice.exe -name “service name” -installhttpscert “path to cert”
  4. Enter certificate password when asked.
  5. Open EBA Control Center, head to Mobile Service tab and set port for HTTPS connection and check Enable SSL.
  6. Restart Mobile Service.

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