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Setting up EBA DMS for usage

After you have installed EBA DMS on a server some additional steps must be performed before you can actually start implementation of EBA DMS to workstations. These steps can only be executed if you have already received and saved the qualified digital certificates.

Here is summary of establishing EBA DMS system:

1. Database installation

EBA DMS stores all data and settings on SQL level which means it requires SQL database.

EBA DMS is developed on open source PostgreSQL database which is also recommended for use as it does not require buying licences. We support other database types too, manly are used Microsoft SQL and Oracle databases.

2. Installing EBA DMS software

EBA DMS consist of more installers. Some of them are installed on server, some on clients and some on both types of computers.

EBA DMS Client is user interface, installed on all workstations as it is needed for all users, who are working with e-documents. It is important that same version is installed on all computers.

EBA Application Services are server-based software which are installed only on server where they control automation of certain tasks, such as send/receive function, notifications, periodical data import and export for integration with ERP systems.

EBA Printer is used to create documents that EBA DMS can process them. EBA Printer can also be used for quick and simple integration with ERP systems (such as Pantheon, SAP and many more). Files that we want to further process in EBA DMS we simply choose to print and select EBA Printer, which will import a PDF file with accommodating XML file and open it in new window in EBA DMS. This new document acts the same way as beeing Scanned by EBA DMS scanner module. The procedure can be seen on:

3. Setting up connections from database to EBA DMS Client and EBA DMS application services.

After setting up database, installing EBA DMS Client and EBA DMS Application services, we must establish connection between EBA DMS and database.

4. Acquisition of digital certificates

Before using EBA DMS requires qualified digital certificates issued by a Certification Authority. Certificates must be ordered by the company and are necessary due to formal and legal validity of the documents in document system. We recommend that the certificate is obtained by head of IT division. When certificates are obtained, save them an remember the passwords because you will need them when importing them into EBA DMS.

5. Company registration in EBA DMS

Before you can start using EBA DMS you need to register your company.


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