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Addressbook transfer

This instructions are intended for transferring the data of business partners from an external source – database or text file into the EBA DMS client.

1. Preparation

If we want to transfer partners directly from the existing database, then skip to step 1.2. If we are transferring data from a .CSV file, it needs to be prepared accordingly.

1.1 Preparing a .CSV file

The data recommended for the EBA addressboo are:

  1. external ID (ID of various ERP programs, eg SAOP, etc.)
  2. Short name of the company
  3. Long company name
  4. Address with house no.
  5. Town
  6. ZIP code
  7. Post Office name
  8. State
  9. Tax no.
  10. Registration no.

It is recommended that you shrink or supplement the data to meet the above requirements.

When saving the file, make sure that the file is encoded correctly – UTF 8 and the appropriate character is set to separate the individual fields. The separator is also set later in the transfer ini file, we recommend using a semicolon (;).

Save the file as plain text in UTF-8 format.

1.2 Preparing a configuration file

In this step, we will set the necessary parameters for data transfer in the addressbooktransfer.ini file. The file is located in the C:/Program Files/EBA/bin folder or in the folder where you installed EBA DMS.

Open the file with a text editing program.

Important! The adressbooktransfer.ini file is common to both basic and text uploads, so make sure that the appropriate settings and commands are not commented (# sign), and that redundant settings are commented with a # before the command or deleted from file.

The file consists of three sections: source database, target database and additional settings:

Example of a base source (transfer from a database)

Source_type: database or text, in this case database
Source: enter the data and the path to the database in the format as written:
dbtype: // username: password @ hostname: port / dbname
dbtype = database type (oracle, msql, postgresql, sqlite)
username, password = data to access the database
hostname: port = Hostname (can also be IP) and server port
dbname = database name

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