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SQL browser provides various tools which can be used to manage EBA DMS database.

Click on Tools menu to reveal options:

Query tool – opens new query panel
View all rows – shows all rows on selected table
View all rows with filter – you can specify WHERE clause. Select desired table and go to Tools>View all rows with filter. Enter x=’y’ as WHERE clause and click ok.

Backup database

You can easily create EBA DMS database backup and restore it using SQL browser.

Select desired database connection from Connection panel and select Tools>Backup database.
A Wizard pops up which guides us through process:

Full process for database backup:

  1. Select desired database, go to Tools>Backup database
  2. Choose destination and filename. No extension is needed but you can specify .bak or .bkp to later identify the file.
  3. Choose tabels to backup. You can backup just one table or more. Select or deselect all tables by ticking on “Select / deselect all”.
  4. Click “Commit” to perform the process.
  5. Wait for process to finish and click “Finish” when process is completed.

WARNING: Backup process can take multiple hours or even days, depending on database size (number of documents in database).

Restore database

It’s similar to backup process:

  1. Select backup file
  2. Click on “All tabels” to skip 3. step and start the restore proces
  3. You can specify which tables you want to import. On the right side you see which columns are in the table and its properties.
  4. Wait for process to finish and click “Finish” when process is completed.

Copy tables

You can copy tables from one database to another using Copy tables tool.

Similar to backup and restore process selecting Copy tables tools popups a Wizard.

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