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Supreme Administrator

If the certificate of the Supreme Administrator has expired, you must send the new certificate to the EBA before it can be exchanged in the EBA DMS system, so that it can be exchanged in our system and registered to your company.

Please send the certificate without the private key in .cer or .der format.

To check who is the system’s supreme administrator, go to the Login section in the Administration>Proxy System menu:

Figure 1: Registered trustees in the Post Room

In this example, we see that the EBA Administrator user is the Supreme Administrator.

Open the Users section and find the user and double click on it to open the edit user box:

Figure 2: Modifying user details

The blue highlight indicates the current certificate used by the top user. If it is expired, the text is coloured red.

Click on the existing certificate and then on the Replace>From File button to replace the certificate with a new one:

Figure 3: Replacing a certificate

A window opens, click on the […] button to open the search engine and search for the certificate. From the drop-down list, select the company for which you want to set the certificate (in case you have several companies).

Figure 4: Adding a new certificate

Once we click OK, we need to enter the password of the certificate we are importing:

Figure 5: Password of the certificate to be imported
Figure 6: Error importing the certificate

If the system tells us that the certificate we want to import is not qualified, please refer to these instructions

After a successful import, we need to set a password for the user – this password will now be used to log the user into the system.

Figure 7: Setting the user password

After successful change, close the pop-up window for changing the user details and apply the changes by clicking Apply. The system warns us that there has been a change to the Supreme Administrator certificate, which we confirm by clicking OK.

Figure 8: Change of the Supreme Manager certificate

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