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Error Report

In the event of a malfunction in the core function of the EBA DMS, the fault must be reported in accordance with the EBA DMS contract to EBA DMS Support.

This not only makes our job easier, but also yours, as the fault will be resolved more quickly if the necessary information is obtained immediately.

The text below is an extract from the EBA DMS contract:

The error report is complete when the defect is sent in writing to the e-mail: podpora@eba.si with the following necessary information, namely:

– the circumstances of the error
– the version of the software
– the procedure the user was following when the error occurred,
– whether the error is reproducible
– if there are any specifics that need to be described
– the log file of the user’s program where the error occurred,
– preferably Prtscr if the error is in the GUI.

If the EBA DMS Support has not been provided with all the necessary information concerning the error in the content and in the manner provided for in this article, the EBA DMS Support will request to complete the error report.

The EBA DMS Support shall only proceed with the correction of the error when the error report is complete and correct.

If the error is not reproducible, the EBA DMS Support shall not proceed to the correction of the error.

If the error is found not to be an error for which the EBA Ltd. is responsible, the customer shall be liable to pay the EBA Ltd. for the time unnecessarily spent.


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