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Certificate replacement

To use the EBA DMS document system, you need qualified digital certificates from an authorised certificate issuer.

Certificates are also required due to the legal and formal validity of e-documents.

Certificates usually have a validity period of 5 years, so care must be taken to replace them with new ones in a timely manner to avoid downtime, but it may also be necessary to replace the certificate due to employee replacement.

Certificates must be obtained from an authorised certificate issuer, please refer to your local authorised certificate issuer for more information.

Certificates needed for EBA DMS documentation software to fully operate are:

  • Certificate for Employee – a person, who is supreme administrator in EBA DMS. Usually a person, who manages the system in the company.
  • Certificate for verification of received and scanned documents – certificate for electronic stamps to verify all received documents in EBA DMS
  • Certificate for information systems – a certificate for server to verify all tasks on documents by EBA application services.
  • (Optional) Certificate for outgoing documents – to digitally sign outgoing documents from EBA DMS.


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