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Test environment

To ensure the best operation of the system, EBA d.o.o. strongly recommends that you set up a test environment for each production installation, especially if it is a large system with a complex workflow.

Steps to set up a test environment:

  1. Preparation of the database

    We recommend using the same type of database as will be used later in production. PostgresSQL is open source, for MS SQL you can use SQL Express or OracleExpress.
  2. Test certificates
    • Test certificates are provided by EBA Ltd., but you can also use your own.
    • To create certificates, we need the following information:
      • Company name
      • Name of the Supreme Administrator

        If the customer has used the test system in the past, please let us know so that we can check whether the company is already registered with the testing agency, as this way you do not need to register.

        Please send your details to: podpora@eba.si or partners@eba.si (only for EBA partners!)
  3. Installation of EBA DMS client and application services
    • Install the client and application services as instructed:
    • EBA DMS client installation
      • Please make sure to install the software with the “New version for test” option. This does not overwrite any existing installation, the version will be installed in a separate folder.
  4. A separate ini file
    • Copy the existing ini file to the installation folder of the test system. Edit the database connection appropriately to connect to the test database.
Figure 1: Installing the test version


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