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Log file

The EBA DMS program keeps a log file of its operation at all times while it is in use.

This file can always be used to identify the cause of a malfunction, so please always send it to us by email when you report a malfunction. In addition, please describe the process that led you to the error and the version of the program you are using.


To get the client_eba.log file, click Start > Run…, type %temp% in the box that opens and press Enter. When the folder opens in Windows Explorer, click on the tempebaclient subfolder and the file will be there.

Figure 1: Accessing the temporary folder
Figure 2: Log file in the tempebaclient folder

You can also retrieve the log file via the EBA DMS program from the Tools>Settings>System menu.

Figure 3: Accessing the log file from EBA DMS


Open Terminal and enter the command “echo $TMPDIR”. The program will print the path to the temp directory.

Using the Finder, open the folder (Finder>Go To Folder). In the folder, look for the subfolder “tempebaclient”, this is where the log files are located.

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