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A document in EBA DMS system can have files attached to it. There is no limitation what file type or file size the attachment is but have in mind that every attachment is saved in EBA DMS database so larger the attachments are the database uses more space.

EBA DMS does not check attachments content or structure therefore check the file before and after attaching it to make sure everything is ok.
Be also aware to self-check the files for any viruses or malicious software prior attaching it into the system.

Most common filetypes – pdf, txt, html, jpeg, etc. can even be previewed within EBA DMS system.
Continue reading this article to see how to set attachments preview in the Document viewer.

Attachments on a document are seen in attachments bar right above document view pane. If there are no attachments on the document the attachments bar is not visible.

Adding the attachments

There are different ways how to insert an attachment to an opened document:

Attach button in tool bar

Click on Attach button to attach from file. Press on the arrow to reveal menu with more options:

Picture 1: Attach file via button in tool bar
  • From file… – opens dialog where you can select the file to attach from your filesystem.
  • Scanogram – opens scanner’s dialog to attach from scanner. User must have scanner device attached to use this feature.
  • From EBA Printer – System asks you to print the document from EBA Printer. See EBA Printer manual for more instructions.
  • Document from clipboard… System attaches file you currently have in clipboard

Some options are repeated with sign option – this means EBA DMS will sign attached files with scanner rooms certificate to verify their existence.

  • Internal attachment – creates and attaches text file with your input.
  • URL – attaches .URL link to a destination

Attach button in menu bar

You can choose to attach a file via menu bar and Attach function:

Picture 2: Attach from Menu bar

All options are the same as mentioned above in “Attach button in tool bar” section.

Drag&Drop file

Locate your file, click on it and drag it into the document view window in EBA DMS. A menu shows and asks you what do you want to do with this file and select “Add as attachment”:

Picture 3: Option to attach when Drag&drop is used

Copy&paste file

You can paste the file as attachment into opened document. Simply copy the file (ctrl+c) in your document explorer window (in operating system) then switch back to EBA DMS and hit ctrl+v or click on Attach button and select “Document from clipboard…” option.

Viewing and previewing the attachments

To open attachment simply double-click on it in attachments bar. This opens the attachment in application defined by your operating system.
However some most common filetypes can be previewed in EBA DMS in document view pane. Such filetypes are text file (txt), PDF document (pdf), MS Word document (doc and docx), etc.

To see attachments preview in document view pane set document view in Thumbnails pane:

Picture 4: Setting attachments preview

Now the attached files are visible in Thumbnails pane as separate pages and also in document viewer. Each attachment has blue header bar with file name so you can easily identify when you are viewing attachment. Scroll down on document view and you can see attachments appearing below the main document.

Deleting the attachments

To remove the attachment from the document locate it in attachments bar and hit DELETE key on your keyboard or right-click on attachment and select Delete option.

Saving the attachments

You can save attachments from EBA DMS system to your device. Simply select desired attachment(s) and right-click on it an select Save as.. or Save all… option. Save all option saves all attachments.

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