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Versioning is used to update the content of na exisiting (basic) document. After versioning basic document becomes an old version and a new version of a basic document is created.

The latest version of an document is valid, versions can be cancelled. 

Versioning can be performed:

  1. In scanner room
  2. On open document 
  3. In capture window
  4. From basic document created with MS Office or from e-form (created with EBA developer tools)


Unsigned dispatch advice is stored in EBA DMS. When signed dispatch advice is received and imported in EBA DMS, a new version of unsigned dispatch advice is created and signed document becomes valid. 

Versioning in scaner room

In scanner room a document is waiting to be processed. Enter the searching criteria in searching line in upper right corner. In our case a document number is entered:

Picture 1: Versioning in Scanner room

Search result is displayed in the pop-up window. Choose the base document:

Picture 2: Selecting base document

Search line turns green. At the end of the search line, select New version:

Picture 3: Choosing an action to create a new version of a document

Signed dispatch advice in scanner room becomes a new version. Versions of the document can be viewed in tab Versions:

Picture 4: Versions tab view

Cancelling versions in scanner room is disabled. You can either delete a document in scanner room or cancel versions after sending a versioned document from scanner room.

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