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The Forward action sends the document to the user’s office and or to the workplace.

To forward a document execute one of the following actions:

  • Press forward button on document list view. You have to select which document(s) you want to forward before.
  • Press forward button on opened document in toolbar.
  • Select menu Actions>Forward on opened document

When you select Forward action, the organisation schema opens where you select the workplace or user to which you want to send the document. It is not possible to forward the document to departments or business units.

In the search bar (Filter ….) you can filter the selection by entering the search criteria – user name or a workplace:

Picture 1: Organisation schema is opened upon triggering Forward action.

Mark where you want to send the document by clicking on the box in front of the workplace or user.

If you want the user to be notified select the check box after the name of the workplace or user in the Notify column.
All users in this workplace will be notified of the forwarding of the document, regardless of whether you have only selected the user.

If you do not check the notification, then the user to whom the document will be forwarded will not receive a notification, even if you have the system notification set to send notifications upon forwarding a document.

You also have a notification status (enabled, disabled) at the bottom of the window. If you see red light there is problem with connection to EBA Messenger service and therefore notifications can not be sent. Please contact your EBA Administrator to resolve the issue.

Take document from its current users – select this option to take document from current user.

Selecting the above option means that you are taking the document out of the offices of users who currently have the document in their office.
An existing user is a user who has the document in his office at any given time.

Only administrators for a specific document type or users with administrator privileges have the option to remove a document from existing users.

The action only takes the document from the offices of existing users, but does not deprive them of access to the document.
It is generally accepted that a user who is not an administrator has access to the document when he receives it.

If the user you want to forward the document to is not authorised for this document type, he will not be visible in the forwarding organisational schema.

Picture 2: Return on Forward button

If the Forward button has an arrow, this means that clicking on this arrow opens the Return option (Name and surname of the user), which means that you can easily return the document to the one who sent it to you. This way, you don’t have to search for a user through an organizational structure.

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