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Editing Access

Access to documents is tied to the workplace and not to the individual user. If a user gets access to a document, then all other users in that workplace also get access to the document at the same time.
Such access arrangements are due to the fact that the documents are the property of the company and not the employees of the company.
In the organisational structure the workplace is also the property of the company and not the person and the document belongs to the workplace.

Main features of access to the documents:

  • To access a document, the user must be authorized to work with a specific document type. Permissions are assigned to the workplace.
  • Access to the document is given to all users at the workplace when submitting the document to this workplace or to individual users at this workplace (action Forward).
  • Access to a document gets the workplace if another user grants him access to the document (Assign Access and Edit Access action).
  • When submitting a document to the workplace, the workplace is accessed simultaneously by the senior posts and administrators of this type of document.
  • When forwarding a document to the workplace the access is given to superior workplaces and users with supervision access of certain document type.
  • Supreme administrator and administrators in EBA DMS and superior users who does not have supervision limit set for certain document type have access to all documents and permissions to edit access.
  • Revoking of access is allowed to the author of the document, administrators and users with supervision.
  • Current user who has a document in his office cannot be denied access.
  • Revoking access is not enabled for all superior workplaces of the current user.
  • It is not possible to remove access for users with supervision without restrictions.
  • Access may be removed only to persons with limited supervision and the document is currently not within the scope of their restrictions.
  • You can remove access to regular users, superior users (other than the current user’s superior), and administrators whose restrictions on the current document do not result in supervision.

Each grant / withdrawal of access is recorded in the document trails.

How to edit access

  • In Access tab in Document detail pane on opened document where can you grant or revoke access.
  • Executing action “Edit access” on opened document where can you grant access. See this article for more info.
  • Executing action “Edit access” on Document list view where you can grant or revoke access (see picture).
Picture 1: Editing access to a document from Document list view.

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