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Defining data with OCR

By default the EBA DMS system processes every scanned and imported document with built-in OCR.

Recognition helps us with processing documents from same issuer later as system remembers position of certain data written on the document such as issue date, net value, etc.

Data position is written into templates.

Each time we define new data (by clicking on it) we create a template.

A template can be also created using action “Learn template” in Process menu.

To setup view where document image is alongside document data select option View>Document View>Layout horizontally:

Figure 1: Set document view layout

Defining data

Import or scan a document into the system.

First define sender of a document and document type:

Figure 2: Defining sender and document type

If sender or document type is not defined an error pops up:

Figure 3: Add field error

Editing data

If scanned or imported document is not quality or is unreadable, you can edit values manually.

Simply click on desired value field and enter correct data:

Same goes when you want to edit false recognised value. Click on value field and edit it.

Fields are saved with hitting enter key or when you click outside editing field.

Required data:

If you have required data set – contact your EBA DMS administrator to see which fields are set as required for certain document type – you must fill-in those values before you can forward document to user’s office.

Required data have red light in front of them. Once you enter or recognise required data light turns into blue.

Video: Defining data fileds

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