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Import & Templates

If user has correct permissions (draft to prepare documents and use templates) a simple way to import or prepare documents is to right-click on document type’s folder and select one of the two possible actions:

Document import

To easily import document select corresponding document type folder and right-click on it and select “Import files”.

Picture 1: Import files by right-clicking on folder.

A new window pops up where you can select document(s) to import.
If you have multi company setup the system asks you to select the company for which you are importing the document (owner).

Process the document same way as if it would be imported or scanned via scanner room and send it to user.

The document is now imported into the system.

Allowed document formats are: .pdf, .html, .htm, .tiff, .tif, .jpeg, .jpg, .ppt, .pptx, .xls, .xlsx, .md, .doc, .docx.

Drag & Drop documents

Same procedure applies if you use drag&drop principles to import files into the system – for example open a folder and simply drag the document into document view pane or over desired document type folder.

You can also import E-mail directly from MS Outlook.

Create a new document from template

You can use template to create new document in EBA DMS system.

A template can be an e-form made in EBA Developer or a MS Office or Libre Office document.
To use MS Word or Libre Office templates user has to have installed corresponding software on its computer.

Folders with enabled templates are marked with green colour:

Picture 2: Template enabled folders are marked with green colour.

To create new document form template, click on green folder icon. A new pop-up window opens where you can select template. Double click on desired template.

Picture 3: Select template to create new document.

MS Office / Libre Office template

If you select a MS Office or a Libre office template a corresponding software will be lanunched where you can edit the template – enter desired data, edit text, etc. After you have been done save you work and quit the text editing software to return to EBA DMS with edited template.

EBA e-form template

By choosing EBA e-form template a new window in EBA DMS opens up where you can enter desired data in e-form.
After saving the document you can forward it to your or other users’s office to additional editing. Once the e-from document is done it must be initialled to create a PDF document from it.

Detailed manual about Tempales is here.

See Administration manual on how to setup permissions and templates.

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