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Run the program by clicking on the icon on the desktop. If there is no icon on the desktop, find the program by searching – Windows start menu, enter the search string “EBA”, or make a shortcut from the installation folder.

The default installation folder is C:\Program Files\EBA\bin\ebaxcom4.exe for 64-bit installations and C:\Program Files (x86)\EBA\bin\ebaxcom4.exe for 32-bit installations.

Ta slika ima prazen alt atribut; ime datoteke je eba_search.jpg
Picture 1: Search for EBA DMS Client in Windows

A login window appears, where we select the appropriate company from the list (if there are several), then enter your username and password assigned to us by the EBA administrator and click on the “Login” button or press ENTER.

Picutre 2: EBA DMS Login Window

In case of problems with login – forgotten password, failed connection to the database, .. contact your EBA DMS administrator.

You usually need to set your password when you first log in. After entering the password assigned to you, a new window will appear where you define your password:

Picture 3: Required password change at login

If you have forgotten your password, it must be reset by your EBA administrator in your company, who has administrator rights.

If you as a user are assigned to multiple companies and they are all in Multicompany layout, then the company is not selected at login, but later in the system. However, if you have a separate layout (each company has its own system), then you need to choose the right company before you sign up.

Picture 4: Choosing Company to login

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