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Document Actions

A user can make various actions on a document. A document can be digitally signed, initialed, forwarded, commented, data added/changed, etc.

Actions on opened document are executed by opening the document and then clicking on desired action in Action menu or a button in a toolbar.

If a user doesn’t have rights to execute an action a waring pop-up appears with message. If an action is not available button or menu is grayed out.

Some actions on a document can be executed only in Document menu, some can be executed in document list view in Office tab.
You only execute actions on selected documents. By clicking with right mouse button on selected document(s) you reveal options menu where can you select desired action.

To ensure legal validity all actions on document are monitored and can be revised in Trails tab.

Actions are described in separate articles below.

Basic principe for a document in EBA DMS system is that when the document is at the end of its workflow, then it should be put into archive. Users should process all their document as soon as they can to keep their offices clean (empty, without documents) but at the end user or a document rule should put the document into archive.

Once the document has status “Archive only” it can not be altered. To alter the document it must be taken from archive with action “Take from archive”. The document is returned to current user’s office.


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