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MS Office & LibreOffice Templates

With EBA DMS you can use Microsoft Office Word or Excel or LibreOffice documents as template with pre-filled data.

Templates are usually very useful when we need to create a letter (to reject a invoice for example). We can set template in EBA DMS that can be used to create letter with some relevant data already filled-in.

To create new document with template, click on green folder in your Office view and double-click on desired template:

Figure 1: Creation of a document from MS Word template

After double click on template name corresponding software opens where we can edit the document prior saving it in EBA DMS system:

Figure 2: Editing template in corresponding software

After we have finished editing, save the document in opened software. Once saved, close the software and document automatically appears in EBA DMS same as it would be imported:

Figure 3: Document appears in EBA DMS

Process the document according to your settings and wishes, then we have created a new document via template.
You can edit source document with clicking on “Source document” button:

Figure 4: Editing source document

Completing document created via template

Once we have entered all data onto the document and we finished editing it, we save it with save command.

To complete the document and create visual image of it (PDF) we need to initial it. Once document is initialed it can not be edited.

Editing existing document created via template

To edit created document we must remove last initial or signature on document (if any).

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