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Although EBA DMS is meant for paper-less business you have option to print the documents.

There are some options while printing – you can print main document or document with attachments, comments, etc.
When you select Print action a dialog pops up where you can choose those options:

 Print document – prints only main document
– Print supporting documents – if checked supporting document will be printed on a separate page
– Print signature details – if checked details of document signatures will be printed on a separate page
– Print comments – if checked comments on a document will be printed on a separate page
– Print list of connected and inserted documents of main document – check to print inserted and/or connected documents

If you choose last option you are able to set if you want to print inserted or connected documents only. You can also set to print document’s attachments.

Picture 1: Print options dialog

Print list

You can print list of document you currently see – for example your list of documents in Office or search results or documents you see in supervison. This applies for all list you can generate in EBA DMS.

To print list choose File>Print list action in menu bar.

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