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Supervision is a special right related to the workplace. It enables users – process administrators – to monitor the processing of documents concerning their organisational unit and to intervene in case the documents are kept somewhere, either by warning the user or by forwarding the documents that are stuck.

Supervision allows the user to see all documents of the company for which he has the right “supervision” depending on the type and direction. Supervision can be limited e.g. per department – the user sees only the documents of his department or that the user sees all the documents but only from certain senders, etc.

The Supervison section is shown to users whose workplace has the “supervision” right enabled in at least one type and direction. Only active documents are visible in the supervision.

Administrators can also see documents to whom time rules are applied in supervision.

If a time rule is created then the administrator has the option to review those documents.

First select the document type, select the time rule criteria from the drop-down list.

Picture 1: Selecting time rule to filter documents which applies to time rule

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