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The signature tab shows all the signatories of the document in chronological order, which are divided into external and internal signatories.

External signatories of the document are those persons who sign the document for a third party (eg signing the outgoing invoice for the customer).

Internal signatories of a document are those signatories whose signature on the document is for the internal needs of the organization only. An internal signature is also called an initial.

Picture 1: Signatures tab

Each signature has information about the type of initials (signature or initials), the name of the initials if you use your own named initials (eg controlled, inspected, ..), the name and surname of the person who initialed the document, the date and time of initials and the mark if the signature is valid or not.
Clicking Show Details allows EBA users to verify the authenticity of the signature and document.

The signature and document authentication program enables verification according to the following criteria:

  • Validity of the certificate means checking the time validity of the signature; whether the certificate was valid at the time of signing.
  • Certificate issuer, where the program checks the certificate issuer; whether the certificate has been issued by an authorized certification agency.
  • The list of revoked certificates where it is checked if the certificate with which the document is signed is in the list of revoked certificates of the agency that issued the certificate.
  • Authenticity of the document, where the document is verified as authentic; the fingerprint of the signed document must be the same as the recalculated fingerprint.

If one of these criteria is not met, the document is invalid. The EBA DMS system automatically notifies us of the document’s invalidity.

In the case of a received document, it must be rejected. Since an unreliable document always needs to be rejected, you can set it in the EBA DMS to automatically reject the received invalid documents.

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