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Each captured document in EBA DMS system goes into Scanner module as batch regardless of its source.

In function bar all batches are listed and grouped by same author or source.
On the top the name of a batch is generated from information which user captured the document and for which company or which plugin is the source for this batch – for example: EMAILEXCHANGEPLUGIN, EBAEXCHANGEPLUGIN.

In batches preview pane you see pages thumbnails of documents from individual batches separated by user or source plugin.

Picture 1: Batches tab

Each document is in separate batch marked with date and time received.

To se individual document in a batch click on the date.

At the right-bottom corner a small icon is located – this switches view back to all batches view if we are in individual batch.

On the top of batches preview pane is located search bar. Just simply type-in any word from individual document to see filtered search results.

Picture 2: Templates and view switch


When scanning with OCR a template is saved into database for later use. This way system rembembers where certain data is located on a scanned document – for example document number or document date, etc.

Each time we set a data in OCR scanning mode a template is created or replaced if already exists in database.

Click on Templates field and a list of templates is shown.

If you have problems with certain fields, you can delete existing template and generate a new one.

For more info about OCR please se Processing article.

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