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Thumbnails pane is located on the left side of a document view. It previews all pages, attachments and documents of opened document and also shows them in document viewer so you can conveniently see inserted/connected documents or attachments (even pictures etc.).

Therefore thumbnails allows us to setup a view of all connected documents – for example: an order, despatch advice, invoice that are all part of some purchasing or selling process in your company making us easy view of all documents together.

You can set what do you want to see in thumbnails pane. To set thumbnails press on downward arrow on the top of the thumbnail pane:

Picture 1: Setting thumbnails view

Main document – displays main document only (with all pages).
Inserted and connected – displays main document and all it’s inserted and connected documents
Inserted only – displays main document and all it’s inserted documents
First level only – displays documents inserted and/or connected directly to main document
All levels – displays all inserted and/or connected documents of a main document and its inserted/connected documents.
Attachments – tick tthe box to dispaly attachments.

Please be aware with documents full of inserted, connected documents and attachments that EBA DMS does not have superpowers and at some point it is not able to show all the contents.

Blue bar between pages describes what kind of a document is shown. For example, when inserted documents are selected to preview, the bar displays document type, direction, sender/receiver and subject of a document. If attachment preview is enabled, then it says Attachment and filename:

Picture 2: Blue bar showing what kind of a document is viewed

Hidden pages and/or documents are grayed out.

Manipulating display of documents and its pages set in thumbnails pane

You can show/hide single pages of a document or whole document in thumbnails pane. This applies to all kind of documents – main, inserted, connected and attachments. To manipulate display, simply right click on a page of a document in thumbnail bar:

Picture 3: Manipulating with page/document view

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