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Quick Search

Quick search enables us to quickly find existing document in the system to add it to a new one while processing.

For example – we scan invoice which was issued upon order who is already in the system. We can quickly link those two documents together.

Simpy type desired term in search field in upper right corner and hit enter to open search result:

Figure 1: Quick search filed

You can define more strict criteria or you can include archived documents. Use same procedure as with document search to get desired results:

Figure 2: Search results and filters

Once you find desired document, double-click on it do select it. A document subject is now displayed in Quick Search bar and bar’s backround turns green:

Figure 3: Selected document with Quick Search

Actions with selected document

With selected document you have several options – click on downward arrow to reveal options:

Figure 4: Document actions in quick search bar

Copy document – Copies selected document into new one (without its pages)
Connect document – Connects selected document with document which is currently being processed
Copy and connect document – Copies selected document into new one
File found document – Files found document into currently opened document
File into found document – Files in currently opened document (in scanner room) to document found with quick search
New version – Found document is new version of document being processed
Add as attachment – Found document is attachment to currently opened document

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