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Share and Export

There are many way to share or export documents from EBA DMS system. In this article we will explain them as well we will show some examples and prerequisites for sharing the documents.


A EBA messenger service must be setup and running and you must have connection to it. If your system is configured and ready to send messages via e-mail you will see green status light.
Consult your EBA Administrator to make sure if all is set and running properly.


You can export the document in .xml format. You can also set which type of format you want to export to, such as EDIFACT, UBL, eSLOG or just base document.

To export a document select it in document list view and choose action File>Export. Select type and destination folder and press OK.

Document is exported with its id as filename and .xml extension.

Export as PDF

You can export documents from EBA DMS system as PDF. You can also choose some options while exporting, for example you can export signature list, comments, attachments, etc.

To export a document open it and select action Document>PDF>Export to PDF or View in PDF.

Picture 1: Options while exporting a document to PDF.

You have several options what items do you want to export. Tick the options you want to execute with export:

Export document – exports main document
Export supporting document – exports supporting document
Export signature list – exports list of all signatures on document
Export comments – export all comments made on a document
Export list of connected and filled in documents of a main document – export list of all connected and filed in documents

In drop-down menu you have additional options on what to export:

Main document – exports only main document
Inserted and connected
– exports inserted and connected documents (alongside main if ticked)
Inserted only – exports inserted documents only (alongside main if ticked)
First level only – exports documents inserted and/or connected directly to main document
All levels – exports all inserted and/or connected documents of a main document and its inserted/connected documents.

NOTE: Attachments, signatures list, supporting documents etc are exported as PDF attachment. Please use Adobe Acrobat Reader to see those attachments of a PDF file.

Share via email

You can send individual documents from EBA DMS via integrated email client.
Note: Messenger service must be enable and properly setup to send emails.

To send a document via email open it and choose action Document>Send by email.

You can also send more than one document from Document list view. Select the document (or more) from Document list view and choose action File>Send by email.

Pick optios exact way as with exporting (described above) to determine what to send.

A new window pops-up where you create your outgoing email message:

Picture 2: Send documents via email

Receiver – type-in receiver’s email address. If you have receiver in your contact in addressbook a drop-down list will suggest you an address.
CC, BCC – enter email addresses for copy and hidden copy fields.
Subject – enter subject of a message
Pripority – set message’s priority from drop-down menu.
Delivery report – tick to receive auto-generated delivery report from receiver’s mail server. This way you can confirm that message has reached recipient’s mail server.
Add attachments – add attachment to message. Selected messages and other options from EBA DMS system are already added as attachments.

Below you can enter and design your content of a message.

You can even set entered content and design for later use – as template. To do that simply create your text and design of a message and save it by typing a template name in filed and clicking on floppy disk icon on the right side of a window:

Picture 3: Saving email template

Share via EBA share portal

You can share single documents via EBA share portal. You can opt how long you want the document to be shared and then send it to recipient’s email address where receiver can open the docuent in it’s web browser and download it.

To share the document via EBA DMS share portal you must have EBA DMS Enterprice licence and EBA mobile set.

To share the document open it and select Document>Share. A new window opens where you set receiver address, subject, contet of a message and how long do you want to share the document (one-time or time limited):

Picture 4: Share document via EBA share portal.

Recipient receives message with link to download the document and password. Upon clicking the link he must enter his email address and provided password to see the document:

Picture 5: EBA Share portal

Upon entering required data a list of shared documents is opened:

Picture 6: Shared documents in EBA DMS Share Portal

Receiver can open to preview or to download the document by clicking on magnifier icon.

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