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You can reject incoming invoices that are incorrect in content with the Reject action. A window will appear offering two options for creating a rejection letter. You can create a rejection letter on your computer and import it into the system via the EBA printer. If you are using a template for the rejection letter, then select Reject with the document from the template and mark the template you want to use.

Procedure of rejecting an incoming document

To reject a document open it and choose menu Action>Reject.

A window appears and asks you how you want to prepare rejection letter. Choose your option and save the document. The rejection letter must be sent to finish rejection so set it proper protocol type and data to send it or to print it.

Picture 1: Example of prepared rejection letter. Above you see status “In rejection” for main document.

Once rejection letter is prepared the document we want to reject gets status “in rejection”. This means document is not yet rejected as at the moment the rejection letter was not sent.

When rejection letter is sent (or printed) then the document we want to reject gets status “rejected” which means rejection is completed.

Picture 2: Above you see “Recipent received” status of rejection letter thus main document now has status “Rejected”.

You can also manually set rejection letter’s status with action “Move document directly to sent items” if you do not want to send or print rejection letter. To do so simply right-click on rejection letter in Document list view and select action “Move document directly to sent items”:

Picture 3: Moving a document directly to sent items

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