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Templates are pre-prepared documents that can be partially filled in. Templates can be used as a basis for the creation of new documents, can be assigned to any document type, and can be used for office and classification work.

To create a document template, you can use one of the word processing, spreadsheet or presentation programs included in the MS Office or LibreOffice office productivity suites.
LibreOffice is a free, free and open source office suite that is compatible with MS Office.

Supported word processing software:
LibreOffice: Writer
MS Office: Word

Supported spreadsheet programs:
LibreOffice: Calc
MS Office: Excel

Supported presentation software:
LibreOffice: Impress
MS Office: PowerPoint

Versioning of templates is also possible.

Example of template usage:
You are invoicing sub-tenants for business premises. You invoice the same companies every month and the invoices contain the same items, the only thing that changes is the price and the invoice date. You can prepare the relevant partially completed documents for each company in advance without prices and dates. This way, you do not have to produce the entire invoice when you issue the invoices, but only fill in the missing information.

You can assign the templates to work in the office or in the classification.


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