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Filling out supporting document

The supporting document in EBA DMS is an accompanying document of a document in the system where certain additional information about the document is recorded. Previously you filled them manually on paper document now this function was taken over by the supporting document.

The supporting document is visible in the Document details pane in the Supporting document tab.
Data from Supporting document can also be set to view in Document list view.
You can also add fields from Supporting document in Search tab or use them as search criteria.

Supporting document is custom made for each document type or it can be set as global for all document types. Consult with your EBA Administrator for more information.

Picture 1: Example of Supporting document with entered data

How to fill out supporting document

To fill out supporting document open the document and move to Document details pane and switch to Supporting document tab. Here you can enter data by typing in, selecting options in drop-down menu, etc.

To enter/or edit data on supporting document the action “Document change” must be triggered.
After executing the action you can now enter desired data on supporting document.

If you can not edit certain fields on supporting document this means they are set to read-only and can not be changed.

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