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Search tab is where we can search for documents and data in numerous ways.

We can search through contextual data, meta data, comments and more. We can use criteria based search or we can perform FTS (Full-Text-Search) or we can combine both types of searching.

Criteria based search is used when the user knows exactly what data the document contains and which criteria he will use to search.
Example: the user specifies that he will search for invoices from the company “ACME Ltd”, with a known invoice number and that the invoice was received by the company in April 2013.

Full-text search is used when the user does not know by which criteria (data) he will find the document – he simply enters the keywords and finds the right document among the search results. Example: the user enters the words in the search box above the list of documents: “ACME Ltd computer 1234”.

All users with User role can access Search tab.
Each user can only find those documents for which he is authorised or has access to them.
If certain document is not found it does not necessarily mean that document does not exist in the system but is more likely that user does not have access to it.
Supervisors can always find all documents – for document type and direction for which they have granted supervision. See Supervision section in Administration manual.

Documents can be searched within active or archived documents. Active documents are those documents who are still in workflow and are not yet finished. Once they are finished – they have been through full workflow process – they become archived documents.

EXAMPLE: incoming invoice is active from capture to controling until it is transferred to ERP and liquidated. After liquidation, EBA DMS moves the document into archive.

In order to optimise system’s operating speed only first 255 lines appears in the list. In case that all documents are not displayed in the list, the program displays a notification in the status bar, how many documents are displayed and how many actually exist in the currently selected folder. You can force the program to show all results but we suggest using filters above the list will to display the desired results.

Picture 1: Search tab

Quick tips: Always check Active and Archive documents if you want to see all documents. When using FTS just type into FTS field. When using criteria always select Document type and direction in criteria field.

Criteria based search

Always select Document type and Direction otherwise you can search only in general fields. If you specify document type and/or direction you can add search fields from contextual data and supporting document too.

To choose search field simply click on icon as shown on picture below:

Picutre 2: Adding search fields

When you entered desired criteria choose if you want to search within Active or Archived documents or both and click on “Search” button to show results.

Multi-company setup

If you have a multi-company setup in EBA DMS, you can filter search for a certain company just by selecting the company from drop-down menu in upper right corner of toolbar:

Picture 3: Selecting a company

You can also search in all companies: select option “All companies” from list.

Full-text search

When using full-text search just type desired words in Find field and press ENTER. The system will display all documents that contains that word.

Combined search

You can combine both types described above.


You may have to find multiple documents using different criteria or you have to create view to see documents from the past. An easy way to perform multiple searches at once is to use tabs. Simply click on green + sign to open new search tab.

Picture 4: Using tabs

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