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Each document captured in EBA DMS must be processed – it must have defined several data:

  • Document sender or receiver
  • Document direction – incoming, outgoing, internal
  • Document type (invoice, letter, delivery note,…)

If your system is set that some data on certain document type is mandatory – for example date issued and total net amount on receiving invoice – this data must be processed in order to forward the document to users.

Each time a new document arrives the system creates template in Scanner room so next time you receive similar document from same sender the system will automatically recognise it.

To start processing double-click on page thumbnail in Processing tab or click on page from list in Functions bar.

Colours of documents

Each batch in EBA DMS system is framed with certain colour regarding if we have processed mandatory data or not.

  • Documents with invalid data or missing data are coloured red.
  • Documents with corrupted data or data that must be checked are coloured in yellow.
  • Documents with valid data and all mandatory fields filled are coloured blue.
Picture 1: Batches with corresponding coloured frame.

In picture above blue framed batches of documents are illustrated those documents who have all mandatory data filled in. Red framed batches illustrates those who has not yet been processed.

Those marks are also visible when you open the document to process it:

Picture 2: Unprocessed document.

Once you have filled mandatory data document is marked as blue:

Picture 3: Document filled with mandatory data

Sending processed documents to users

Once mandatory data is filled you can send the document from scanner room to users offices. You have several options:

Picture 4: Send processed document to users.

Send to users (F4) – a window pops-up with eligible workplaces and users who have permissions to receive the document:

This action sends the document to workplace and not directly to user.

Send directy to user (ctrl + F4)
Action send document directly to a user who is selected from the dialog.

Send to my office (ctrl+shift+F4)
Document is sent directly into current users office.

Send to my office (shift+F4)
Same as above although this time system also opens the document.


A user in scanner module can put comments on documents. Comments are applied same as on documents in office. See article Commening for more info.


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