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Office tab

Every user in EBA DMS has their own office. This is a replication of the physical desktop where users received paper documents to process – they now receive electronic documents in the office.

The EBA DMS office strives for the “Clean desk” principle – every user must make sure that his / her office is “cleaned” on a regular basis – to process his / her documents as soon as possible and forward them for further processing or archive. The user therefore tends to have the office as empty as possible.

When a user forwards a document the document leaves his office – the document is no longer in user’s office.
However, you can still access this document at any time later by searching it in the “Search” section – located on the far left of the program window, in the function bar or by selecting a view “All live with access” in drop-down list at the bottom of functions bar.

Unopened documents are displayed in black and are bolded. Also, folders in the office are bolded if they contain unread documents, and the number of unread documents is written next to them. When a user forwards a document and gets it returned it is again marked as unread.

Documents to be taken over are grayed out. Such documents are at the office and visible in all user offices assigned to that workplace. Such a document must first be taken over by one of the users, then the document is moved to the office of the user who took it over and disappears from other offices. The document can only be processed after takeover.

Users in their office can switch between different views by selecting from the drop-down list at the bottom of the functions bar.

They can access documents in their office:

  • who are actually in their office,
  • those that have been bookmarked and are in another user’s office,,
  • to which they have access,
  • in outbox.
Picture 1: Switching between documents views.

An EBA DMS administrator can also switch between user offices with drop-down list in functions bar.


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