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Allowed Actions

There are certain actions that you can execute on document without opening it. Actions are listed below, to see detailed document action description please refer to Document Actions manual.

Action can be performed on multiple documents, make you selections by holding ctrl+click on desired documents or hit ctrl+a to select all documents on the list.

Some options are grayed out – typically means that this action does not apply for selected document direction.

Delete document
Only for internal and outgoing documents that are not initialed or signed or created by another user and user is not supervisor or administrator.

Sign document
You can sign the document by selecting the action. You need to have qualified certificate to perform signing of a document.

Initial document without opening it. If you have document rule applied it will execute after initialing.

To outbox
For outgoing documents. Change document status to outbox to send them to recipient. Documents will be sent after send/receive function is triggered either manually or via EBA Automation.

Move document directly to sent items
For outgoing documents. Select if you have already sent the documents via another source.

Return to drafts
Sets document status to draft. If document is in draft status you can change some data on it.

Mark as read
Marks selected document(s) as read.

Mark as unread
Marks selected document(s) as unread.

Archive selected document
Moves selected document(s) to archive. Documents will not be visible in the office or supervision anymore.

Take from archive
Returns selected document(s) to office.

Send by email
Send selected document(s) via email. Multiple selected documents will be sent as a single message.

Send message about document
Sends internal notification about a document to another EBA DMS user. You can select multiple recipients and add custom note to a message. You must give recipient access to document if you want to send the message as recipient will be given ability to process the document.
You can also opt to send the message via e-mail.

Add to clipboard (ctrl +c)
Adds selected document(s) to clipboard.

Link with documents from clipboard (ctrl +v)
Links selected document(s) with documents from clipboard.

Classify (ctrl+k)
Classifies selected document(s). Select classification in pop-up window.

Show in classification
Shows selected document(s) in classification tab.

Edit access
Grant or revoke access to selected document(s) for chosen users.

Change extern status
Changes extern status for selected document(s). Extern statuses must be defined.
Extern status change can be only made if you are an EBA Administrator.

Add bookmark
Adds bookmark label to selected document(s).

Remove bookmark
Removes bookmark label for selected document(s).

Transfer documents
Available in Search tab for EBA DMS administrators. Ability to transfer documents to another user.

Add tag
Adds custom tag to document(s). Enter text and press ok. Entered tags are automatically saved and can be selected on later occasions. To view entered tags enable Tag column in documents list view.
Note: Any user can make, add and remove tags.

Remove tag
Removes tag on selected document(s)

Picture 1: Document acitons on document list.

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