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Tool bar

The most common actions on a document are available in the toolbar of the document view. If a user does not have permission, the button is grayed out.

Picture 1: Toolbar

Certain buttons can be enabled or disabled using verifications on Documents rule. Consult your EBA Administrator for more informations.

See Document Actions article fore more details on individual action.

Action saves work done on the document.

Brings up printing dialog.

Adds a new comment

Adds new attachment from disk. By clicking on downward arrow you can select another option to attach item to the document.

Action digitally signs the document. Signer must have qualified certificate to sign to documents. Users with internal certificates can only initial documents. User’s workplace must have permissions set to allow signing too.

Action initials document. User must have permission to initial set on its workplace.
With initial you confirm document’s data and that you were acquainted with document.

Use action to forward the document to another EBA DMS user. If the document was previously forwarded to you, you can click on downward arrow and select Return action which returns the document to the user who forwarded the document to you.

Place for custom actions defined by Document rules. By default this button does nothing.

Beside toolbar it’s whitespace – that is quick search bar. More details in separate article.

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