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Menu bar

File menu

Through this menu, the current user logs out of the program, which remains open after logging out. This also closes all currently opened documents. If changes are not saved on any document, the program asks the user if he wants to save the changes.

Lock program
With this action, the user stays logged in to the program and locks the main program window so that it is not possible to see or open new documents or change settings. Changes to open documents are still possible, as the open documents lock does not close. if the user has saved their password for the active session, the program will ask for the password again when unlocked.
In the menu Administration> General settings> Other> Program lock, it is possible to set the automatic program lock after a certain time (in minutes) of user inactivity. Inactivity is considered not to use the keyboard and mouse. The changed setting is taken into account when restarting the program.

This action exports the selected document(s) as individual XML files. The data format can be specified in the format drop-down list.

Send by Email
With this feature, you can send documents from EBA via email to any recipient. An internal mail server is a company mail server. Documents sent via email are sent as a PDF visualization and as XML data.

Send a message about the document
This feature sends an EBA message to the user (s) about the document you previously selected. A message can be sent to multiple recipients, but only for one document.

Import settings file
This menu is only valid for users for whom someone else prepares an EBA configuration .ini file, ie either an accounting service or a company’s IT company. Preset configuration files are mostly used in the case of remote work, where the configuration file is prepared using the wizard in EBA Synchronizer.

Prints all the selected (marked) documents in the list, one by one.

Print list
Prints the currently displayed list of documents (not the documents themselves). Prints all columns currently displayed in the list. The campaign is used e.g. to compile reports or statistics.

Logs off the user and closes the program. The program asks the user if he wants to save the changes to documents that have not yet been saved.

Edit Menu

Deletes the currently selected documents from the list. Only outgoing, not yet sent and internal documents can be deleted. Documents can be deleted by their authors and administrators. if the document has already been initialed or signed, the author of the initial / signature must remove it so that the author of the document can delete the document. The administrator can also delete an already initialed / signed document (if it is not issued), he can delete internal documents at any time.

Copy list
Copies the data of selected documents in the list. The data of the currently shown columns is copied. The copied data can be used for further use in other programs, e.g. Calc, Excel, or any other program where text can be pasted.

Copy link to document
Copies the link to the document to the clipboard. You can send the link to another user on the system to open the document. The user must have an EBA DMS client installed and a connection to the database.

View Menu

Icons size
You can switch between two sizes of icons in toolbar.

Text beside icons
You can switch the position of text beside icons in toolbar.

You can open Clipboard toolbar which shows current documents in your clipboard.

Refresh (F5)
Refreshes current window.

Document View
Sets layout of document view in scanner room. You can have 3 options: tabs, horizontal and vertical.

Document Details (CTRL+D)
Show/hide documents details pane on the right side of a document (signatures, versions, supporting documents etc. tabs). Available both in scanner room and on opened document.

Action Menu

Action will sign selected document(s). See more info about signing here.

Action will initial selected document(s). See more info about initialing here.

Clear clipboard
Action deletes clipboard content.


Renew contextual data
Action refreshes contextual data of selected documents.

Renew connections count
Action renews count of connected documents

Update FTS index for chosen documents
Action refreshes the Full Text Search index (FTS) for the documents selected in the list. Action is used if the full text search does not find the desired result. To be used in exceptional cases, as indexing is otherwise performed automatically when the document is captured or modified.

Update FTS index for non-indexed documents
The action refreshes the Full Text Search (FTS) index for non-indexed documents. Do not execute during working day – can severely hamper database performance.

Update addressbook index
Action updates addressbook index.

Update document counts in folders
Action updates document counts in folders

Extend signature validation on documents
Action extends signature validation on documents after

Tools Menu

Address book
Brings up new window with address book data.

Database backup and restore
Brings up a Wizard to backup or restore EBA DMS database.
Restore can only be made into empty database.
See administration manual for more info.

Personal Settings
User can set some personal settings such as Replacment, Scanner room and Other.

  • Replacement
    A user can setup its replacement by selecting a user who replaces him. Useful to allow some users to temporarily work on other users documents during their vacation or sick leave.

    You have to select Company, a user that replaces you, period of replacement and you can opt to notify.
  • Scanner room
    Move imported images – you can opt to move images, imported to EBA DMS to specific destination.
    Rename imported images – you can opt to rename imported images.
  • Folders
    You can set default folder for import and export purposes.
  • Other
    Do not autofill subject when scanning – choose if you want to manually write the subject of a document.
    Do not autofill document’s date when scanning – choose if you want to manually select document’s date
    Show classification list after transfer to scanner room – after forwarding a document into office a classification list is shown.
    Scanning without OCR by default – disable OCR when scanning
    Only show errors for data
    Auto-select document when scanning – document is selected to edit immediately after scanning.

A menu where you can edit database connection and system settings. Caution – changes made can cause system being unavailable to other users! Detailed info in administrator manual.

Change password
A quick way to change your password.

Help Menu

EBA DMS User manual (F1)
A link to this website with user and administration manual.

Choose user interface language. Userm must restart application after switching the setting.

Displays details about installed EBA DMS client.

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