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Basic principe for a document in EBA DMS system is that when the document is at the end of its workflow, then it should be put into archive. Users should process all their document as soon as they can to keep their offices clean (empty, without documents) but at the end user or a document rule should put the document into archive.

Archived documents are no longer visible in users offices but can be access via Search tab and have set status “Archived”.
To search for archived documents tick the option “Documents in archive” to show archived documents. See Search tab article on how to find archived documents.

Once the document has status “Archive only” it can not be altered. To alter the document it must be taken from archive with action “Take from archive”. The document is returned to current user’s office.

How to manually archive documents

User must have permissions set on its workplace to be able to archive the documents.

On Document list view:

Select desired documents – multiple selection is made by hitting ctrl+click – and right-click to select “Archive selected documents”.

After that selected documents are not listed on Document list view anymore.

On opened document:

To archive an opened document simply select Action>Archive in menu bar. Once action is triggered the document closes itself.

Taking documents from archive:

To take documents from archive action “Take from archive” must be triggered. Action can be executed same way as action “Archive selected documents” above.

Automated documents archiving

If rule on a document is applied the system automatically puts the document into archive. Consult your EBA Administrator for more info if the rule is applied.

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