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The Connections tab shows all documents that are related to the currently open document and all documents that are filed in the currently open document.

It depends on your company’s workflow wWhether you are filling or linking documents.

Filled documents are under “Case” section, connected and inserted documents are displayed below.

You can file a document only once. Filled document is no longer visible in offices and can not be forwarded into document workflow.

Connected or inserted documents are still visible in offices and can be forwarded regarding of workflow.

Picture 1: Connections tab shows connected documents, if any.

Adding / removing connections

You can open each of the linked documents by clicking on the eye icon.
Remove means that you will remove the link to the currently open document.

Icons meaning:

Folder icon – document is filed in document (case)
Chain icon – document is linked (connected)
Eye icon – open linked document
Minus icon – remove connection between documents

Filtering and setting displayed data

You can fiter connected documents by typing into the Filter pane.
Below the pane is a drop-down menu where can you also set attributes to sort the connected documents.
By clicking on wrench icon you can set which document data you want to see in fields:

Picture 2: Setting fields to display

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