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Classification tab

EBA DMS system offers ability to create a classification plan and therefore you can classify documents according to this plan.

Users who have permissions to work with classification have extra tab in their main program window and can access classified documents there.

Figure 1: Classification tab view

Classification plan can be done by an EBA administrator,

Only jobs can be administrators in the classification.

The classification in EBA DMS organises the documents in folders (by business / case / department / sector / period / content, etc.), according to the company’s classification plan.

These folders can then be used to access the desired set of documents, of course in accordance with the authorisations.

Access to classified documents is in the function bar of the main window under the Classification section. If the company uses classification, then all users have this section and access to documents is limited to the rights granted.

A user can only see those documents to which he has access and those that are in his groups. In addition, the display is narrowed down to the rights assigned to the workplace.

Working with documents in the Classification section is the same as working in your office, only the view of the documents changes.

You can classify a document from:

  • scanning room,
  • in the capture window, or
  • on a opened document

How to classify a document

Scanner room

On the pane with mandatory data where you choose Sender/receiver of a document and document type and direction you have extra filed “classifier”:

Figure 2: Classify document in Scanner room

Document list / opened document

You can quickly access classifier window by pressing ctrl+k keys on a keyboard.
You can also select a document from list and right-click on it and select Classify aciton.
There is also “Classify” action on opened document under Actions menu.

Once you select Classify action a classifier window pops up where you select appropriate classifier for the document:

Figure 3: Classification plan

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