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Users can add comments to documents. It’s practical way to share a note to another user or to describe why a document was destroyed.

Comments can be removed by anyone if there is no setting to lock the comment (a tick-box).

To add a comment click on Comment button in toolbar.

A new field overlays the document with username in header and date when comment was added in the footer:

Picture 1: Comment sample

In the right-bottom corner you can resize the comment. Simply click on corner and drag to desired size.

Comments options

When you move mouse over the comment field a set of icons appears in header:

Those icons give us some extra options with comments:

  • Ticking the box means that comment is public and anyone can delete it. Box is ticked by default.
  • Toggles comment auto hide function. If set, only comment header is always visible. The context is visible after you move mouse over comment’s header.
  • Changes colour of comment layer.
  • Clicking on X deletes the comment.

Printing/exporting comments

You can set to print comments using print dialog. Comments are printed on a document with transparent background. Same applies if you are exporting the document into pdf.

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