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Scan documents

Prepare documents to scan

Before you scan document it is recommended that you remove any clips or sticky notes from them.
Also create batches – for example – put documents from same sender on one heap and so on to easily process them in EBA DMS system.

Also mark all first pages of a documents with special EBA stamp – so the system recognises which page is the first one of a document.

Default scanning mode is black and white. To scan in color choose submenu on Scan button (click on arrow) and select option “Color scan”.

Scanning documents

Insert the documents into scanning device and click on button Scan in EBA DMS system, to execute scanning operation. After scanning device is done, a new batch is created with scanned documents and now you can process the document:

Picture 1: A batch of scanned documents

The EBA DMS system treats whole batch of papers as one document. Either scan separately to divide the batches to as corresponding documents or divide batches in EBA DMS system.
See Document manipulation article on how to divide documents into several batches.

Double-click on any page to proccess it. See this article to process the document.

Each time you scan the documents, a new batch is created in Batches tab. Once the document is processed and forwarded to users the batch disappears from Batches tab.

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