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A User can modify documents in EBA DMS in certain ways – for example, user can add pages, changes page order, delete pages, adds attachments etc.

NOTE: You can modify internal and outgoing documents without limitations. However received documents can not be modified if they were digitally signed prior entering EBA DMS or received via exchange protocols.

Saving document

Each modification on document must be saved for example: added comment, attachment, etc – we must save the changes.

Document can be saved upon clicking on:

  • Save button in toolbar
  • Save button in menu Document>Save
  • Hitting ctrl+s on keyboard
  • Closing document with “X” sign in upper right corner of the document window. An pop-up appears if you have made modifications without saving them:
Picutre 1: Saving document

To discard any unsaved changes, simply close the document by clicking X sign or Document>Close menu and select “Discard” in pop-up menu.

Also there is an asterisk (*) in document title bar if changes were made and not saved.

Page manipulation

To manipulate pages a user must first select “Document change” option in Actions menu:

Picture 2: Selecting Document change action

NOTE: If document was already signed or initialled, you must first remove last signature or initial in order to change the document.

You have several options to manipulate with pages in a document. If you want to manipulate with certain page in a document (eg. delete it) you must select it in Thumbnails view.


  • Scan – adds new page to existing document with scan function
  • Scan without OCR – same as above but without OCR (text recognition)
  • Show scanner dialog – shows scanner dialog
  • Select scanner – shows scanner list


  • Import – adds new page to existing document via import function
  • Import without OCR – same as above but without OCR (text recognition)
  • Import directory – imports whole directory from selected location

Remove pages
Removes selected page of a document.

Remove included document
Removes all pages of a document.

Rotate right
Rotates selected page to the right.

Rotate left
Rotates selected page to the left.

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