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Address bar

Above the document viewer pane and below tool bar for each document, depending on the document direction, the address bar is displayed.

Picture 1: Address bar in document view

First field is sender, receiver or owner of the document.
Sender is for incoming documents, receiver for outgoing and owner for internal.

Sender is defined in Scanner room when we receive document.
Receiver must be defined when we create outgoing document.
Owner must be selected on internal documents if we have a Mult-Company setup.

By clicking on address book icon far right an internal EBA DMS address book is opened where we can find corresponding partner. By ticking the box we opt for one-time partner. Partner’s data is therefore not remembered or saved in address book.

Field below is the subject of a document. This can be changed anytime using Document change action.

Gray fields are displaying protocol informatons:

First field of protocol information is protocol type and second field is protocol address.
For incoming documents:
– Import if document was imported (in second field filename is presented)
– Scanned if document was scanned (in second field scanning device name is presented)
– COM if document was inserted via COM functions
– IMAP/MS Exchange if document was electronically received (in second field a sender name is presented)

For other protocols similar information is displayed. Same applies for custom-made exchange protocols.

Some protocols reveals additional info if you hover over protocol address field:

Picture 2: Revealing protocol data

Same procedure applies for outgoing documents. On opened document you can set protocol data and protocol address:

Picture 3: Setting protocol data

Choose desired protocol type from drop-down menu and enter receivers address.

For example, a SMTP protocol set requires receiver’s e-mail address:

Picture 3: Setting up SMTP protocol address

Also there is a classification number window if the document type is classified. Data is empty if no classification is defined for the document type.

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