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Scanner room is divided into several panels where certain actions can be done or certain information is stored.

Panels are described below:

Picture 1: Scanner room overview


Toolbar contains certain buttons for most common used actions in scanner room and Quick Search bar.
Toolbar is only enabled when you are located in Processing tab.

For more details see Processing article.

Functions bar

Functions bar contains different data and functions regarding of a tab you currently are in.

In Processing tab you see individual pages of a document received in batch.
In Batches tab you see all batches that has been created. A batch is created when you receive, scan or import document into the EBA DMS system.
In Mail log tab you can define search criteria for results.

Document view & details

Document view & details pane shows us individual documents and their content as well possibility to enter data into supporting document, define document sender, document type, document direction, etc.

In Processing tab we see individual pages of a document received in a batch. Here we can OCR data from document, define document type, direction, fill out supporting document, etc.

Picture 2: Processing a document

In Batches tab we see thumbnails of documents in individual batches:

Picture 3: Preview of documents in batches

And in Mail log tab we see search results for criteria we have previously defined in functions bar.

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