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Connecting services with database

After installing the application services, start the program via elevated Command Prompt with the command:

"C:\Program Files\EBAAutomation_\bin\ebaservicesettings.exe" -local -home "service_name"

Fill in the route and service name you specified at the time of installation.

Later, you can run the program using a shortcut from the Start menu, or via the EBA services monitor, or create a shortcut using the above command.

When the new installation is first started, the program will show us a window for setting up the database connection – the same one we have prepared for using EBA DMS.

Figure 1: Database connection setup pop-up window

Enter the required parameters, before confirming you can test the connection by clicking on the Test connection button.

Figure 2: Database connection set up

After setting up the database connection, close the Control Center and reopen it – this saves the settings and starts the service setup.

Change the database connection details

In case you need to change the database connection data – e.g. in case of migration of a server with a database, the parameters are set in Control Center in the Database tab.

Figure 3: Database settings tab in Control Centre

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