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Installing options

The EBA DMS client installation package offers certain options that allow you to e.g. install in the background (silent install), install an older version,…

To access the installation options, run the installation package via the Command Prompt with the /h parameter added. Run the command prompt as adminsitrator (Run As Admin).

C:\Users\eba\Downloads>InstallEBADMS. /h

This will open a popup window where we can see the options offered:

Figure 1: Pop-up window for configuration options

Description of the options:

  • /S – silent installation (the program installs in the background without any confirmation windows and without displaying the installation progress
  • /d= – used to change the default installation path to the folder where the program will be installed
  • /NoRegistry – installs the program without registry entry, without COM interface registration and does not associate .edp extensions for EBA Developer tool (useful for test versions, so as not to overwrite the existing installation and setup)
  • /CopyOnly
  • /ShowProgress – display the progress bar of the installation
  • /P
  • /ini –
  • /f – force the version of the program
  • /h – shows the pop-up window from the above image

Example of how to use the setup options

Example 1:

Suppose we want to run a program in silent mode and we want to “force” a version of the program – e.g. if we want to install an older version of the program – and we want to see the installation progress, we use the command below:

C:\Users\eba\Downloads>InstallEBADMS. /S /ShowProgress /f

Example 2:

We want to test a new version (build) of the kilent, but we do not want to interfere with an existing installation. Copy the INI file to another location, then run the installation with the /S, /NoRegistry, /ini and /ShowProgress options.

This installs the test version without changing any registry values.

C:\Users\eba\Downloads>InstallEBADMS. /S /NoRegistry /ini="C:\EBADMS_test\init.ini" /ShowProgress

Note: For installations without the GUI wizard, it is not possible to install the EBA Tools tools.

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