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Installing MAC OS Client

The installation on the MAC is done via a .dmg file. Double-clicking on the package downloaded from the web will open the image where the EBA DMS client is located. Move the icon to the “Applications” folder on the Mac – use the shortcut CMD+shift+A – this will open the applications folder – and drag the icon from the dmg file to the applications folder.

Figure 1: “Drag&Drop” installation principle

Security exception

When installing, the system will report that it cannot open the application due to a security policy.

In the Security&Privacy menu it is necessary to confirm the exception, open Settings, Security&Privacy tab, in the lower part of the window select “Open Anyway”, enter the password of the mac user. The program will now be able to start.

Figure 2: Adding an exception in the Security & Privacy menu

Connecting to the database

The connection is set up in the same way as on the Windows client – EBA DMS menu > Settings or CMD+ shortcut, .

Enter the appropriate settings and save the connection, close and restart the client after the change.

Figure 2: Entering the settings for the database connection

If we already have the INI file ready, we can copy it:

The INI file is located in the /Users/_username_/.EBA folder. _username_ is replaced by the corresponding username.

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